eRouteServiceAreaPlanner® is a strategic planning tool to optimally define service territories.

eRouteServiceAreaPlanner® is a web based software application with an efficient territory dividing algorithm engine. This was created with the goal of achieving balanced territories based on reducing travel time, improving opportunities and maximizing resource utilization.


  • Strategically plan and build service, delivery and sales territories based on customer, depot locations and costs
  • Sales territory planning
    • Balance sales territories to achieve better market penetration and sales support
    • Provide a level playing field for your sales team by ensuring equal sales opportunities
    • Minimize costs by reducing travel time and miles
    • Maximize resource utilization
  • Territory optimization based on resources availability within each territory
  • Increased efficiency to service more customers with reduced costs while maximizing existing resources
  • Modify territories to reflect seasonal and other business specific changes
  • Improve productivity by optimizing which customers are serviced from which facility and depot within a region
  • Create and model scenarios to manage the impact of changing costs or facility closures
  • Detailed management reporting capabilities - Enabling easy comparison between current state and proposed state to assist in decision making process
  • Fully integrated with WM Logistics suite of products

A view of the Web-based eRouteServiceAreaPlanner® tool to plan and visualize service territories

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