eRouteLogistics® is web-based route planning, scheduling and optimization software.

eRouteLogistics® is a web-based route planning software application, which contains a very dynamic and efficient core routing algorithm engine. This algorithm engine was created specifically to achieve the goal of route optimization, scheduling and tracking of vehicle operations. eRouteLogistics® modules come with a series of pre-built reports you can generate, including: route summary, route details, route manifest and route maps (with turn-by-turn directions).


  • Demonstrated average savings of 10 - 35% in miles and hours, improved resource utilization and route reduction
  • Multiple pre-built reports to aid in planning, analysis and operations: route summary, route details, route manifest, route maps (with turn-by-turn directions)
  • Industry-specific route optimization solutions to support multiple verticals and industries
  • Periodic planning, scheduling and optimization, improves efficiency of multi-frequent stops
  • Optimize and plan routes for user-defined time periods ranging from 1 to 12 week or more
  • Scenario Manager for “what-ifs” and contingency planning – create, model and save various scenarios
  • Algorithm honors time windows, capacity limitations, route lengths, multi-trips and right turns
  • Intuitive user interface for easy review and adjustments
  • Fully web-based solution – Easy access and deployment
  • Flexible implementation & licensing options – In house deployment, hosted offerings, consulting and professional services
  • Open standards API – Easy integration with your back-office systems including legacy systems


A view of the Web-based eRouteLogistics® Route Planning tool with easy to use map and route navigation tools 

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