Purchasing a solution is only part of the equation. With our industry experience, our team can help you extract maximum value from all your investments.

WM Logistics offers a wide array of consulting, professional, training and support services so that you can successfully deploy technology solutions to optimize your logistics operations. Our team has extensive professional and academic expertise in operations research, GIS, statistical analysis, routing, simulation and mobile solutions.


Through WM Logistics Consulting Services, we will work with your company from the ground-up to assess your entire operations and then formulate a strategy to advance it with the latest technologies. Our team will optimize your current routes and equip you with the tools to seek continuous improvement as your business changes or expands.


In addition to technology solutions, WM Logistics also offers Professional Services to customers who may not be looking for the newest software or technologies, but would still like the benefits of optimized routing. We’ll assess your operations and then provide a strategy on the best way to manage every individual route. By doing this, we’ll maximize resources and improve vehicle efficiency without adversely impacting your day-to-day operations.


While WM Logistics’ technology is easy to use, our goal is to make the integration a seamless experience. That is why we support our customers through implementation, using both in-person instruction and live webinars.

Our Help Desk – offering support online and over the phone - is also available to our customers.

We Put the GIS in LoGIStics®

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