Solutions implemented by some of the largest private waste haulers, cities and municipalities in North America. Proven savings of 10% - 35%.

eRouteLogistics® is a route optimization software suite specific to the waste collection industry that supports multiple lines of business, including: commercial, residential and roll-off.

With eRouteLogistics®, you can optimize your existing operations quickly with intuitive tools. Your ROI can be achieved with more time spent optimizing routes as opposed to familiarizing yourself with GIS tools.

You can achieve higher productivity gains and lower operational costs by reducing miles driven, route hours and maximizing fleet utilization while maintaining high levels of customer service.

Our integrated product suite for waste collection Industry also includes other solutions such as dynamic dispatching, real-time vehicle tracking and plan vs. actual comparison to provide operational excellence.


  • Create and model scenarios to manage the impact of resource constraints, seasonality or holiday schedules
  • Reduce overtime and fatigue by evenly distributing workload across resources
  • Meet customer time windows
  • Right side of street only pickups


  • Typical savings of 10% – 35%
  • Solid waste industry specific routing, not a generic routing product
  • Balance routes across the whole week
  • Ability to compare planned route versus the actual route driven
  • Dynamic assignment and dispatching of daily plan and modification of resource assignments based on real-time conditions
  • Faster ROI & Easy to use
  • Improve customer service and productivity through enhanced capacity management
  • Streamline daily operations
  • Maximize asset utilization with efficient fleet & resource management
  • Fully web-based solution – easy access and deployment
  • Flexible implementation & licensing options – In-house deployment, hosted offerings, consulting and professional services
  • Open standards API – Easy integration with your back-office systems, including legacy systems
  • End-to-End solution available – route optimization, GPS tracking, scheduling and dynamic dispatching
We Put the GIS in LoGIStics®

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