retail pick-up and delivery, routing software, route software, route optimization, - Route optimization, GPS tracking, scheduling and dynamic dispatching as well as Performance auditing

Designed specifically to reduce mileage, driver hours and improve route & vehicle efficiency.

eRouteLogistics® Retail routing and scheduling software suite can handle very complex route optimization challenges with a myriad of business rules. Our algorithms take into account the combination of service orders types, vehicle capacity, multiple frequency of visits, customer time windows and many more business considerations. It is designed specifically to minimize your transportation costs, improve driver productivity and improve customer service.


  • Asset utilization and driver productivity
  • Managing appointment times & multiple time-window stops
  • Large percentage of on-demand stops
  • Complex business rules
  • Routes with pickups and deliveries
  • Driver shortages, work load balancing and overtime costs
  • Improving customer service


  • Savings of 10% - 35%, ROI in less than 12 months
  • Static and dynamic route planning
  • Inbound and outbound route planning
  • Variable Schedule Planning: Schedule for a single day or up to 12 weeks or more
  • Vehicle and route limits based on weight, volume, item count and stops
  • Create balanced routes for route time, assets or capacity for the entire planning schedule of 12 weeks or more
  • Mileage and overtime reduction
  • Fully web-based solution Centralized Planning and standardization of processes
  • Flexible implementation & licensing options – In-house deployment, hosted offerings, consulting and professional services
  • Open technology standards – Easy integration with your back-office systems, including legacy systems
  • End-to-End solution available – Route optimization, GPS tracking, scheduling and dynamic dispatching as well as performance auditing


  • Grocery Distribution
  • Beverage & Snack Food distribution
  • Bottled water delivery
  • Uniform & Textile Delivery services
  • Pest Control
  • Retail Home delivery (Furniture, appliances)
  • Retail Distribution
  • Food Service Distribution
We Put the GIS in LoGIStics®

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