Public Works, Solid Waste & Recycling, Public Safety (Fire, Police, EMS),building Inspections, Snow Plow and Street Sweeping, pulbic safety, CAD, routing software, route software, route optimization

Route Optimization, Rules based CAD, Scheduling, GPS Tracking & AVL and In-Vehicle Navigation Solutions.

  • Public Safety & Emergency Services

    Implemented Route Optimization, CAD and AVL solutions for Police & Fire departments across North America. Solutions are designed for mutual-aid requests from multiple jurisdictions.

  • School Bus Transportation

    Our Passenger Transportation software suite is an integrated solution covering all aspects of route planning, route optimization, vehicle, passenger scheduling, dispatch and vehicle tracking.


Common IT & GIS Infrastructure for Public Safety & Emergency Services, School Bus Transportation, Residential Routes, Commercial Routes and RollOff Routes
We Put the GIS in LoGIStics®

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